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Meditation Integrated Into Curriculum in England Provides Amazing Benefits, Says Dipanshu Sharma

Meditation Expert Dipanshu Sharma Says Mindfulness, Meditation Have Big Payoff for All Ages In England, 370 schools will now integrate meditation and mindfulness into the curriculum to put a focus on the mental health of young people. Under a government mental health study, in these schools, children will learn to meditate, techniques for muscle relaxation […]

Study Suggests Meditation Can Slow Down Brain Decline, and Dipanshu Sharma Has a Way to Make Meditation Accessible

Dipanshu Sharma Offers Accessible, Inexpensive Access to Meditation and its Benefits Via Meditation.Live Overall life expectancy is increasing in humans, but our brains start deteriorating after the first two decades of life and continue degrading with age. Research is being done that may crack what techniques people can use to diminish the negative impact that […]


Workplace Meditation, Movement Encouraged in Corporate Spaces and Can Pay Dividends, Says Dipanshu Sharma After months of testing wellness plans with enterprise clients, meditation.live is officially available to all businesses in the United States. The company already has an impressive client base including 15Five, Accesso, Celtra, CredPR and many more. Meditation.live offers plans for corporations […]

Expanding Corporate Wellness Market Welcomes New Entrant Dipanshu Sharma and Meditation.live

As the corporate wellness market continues to expand, serial entrepreneur Dipanshu “D” Sharma arrives with innovative Meditation.live As Dipanshu Sharma launches Mediation.live in 2018, the global corporate wellness market is growing. The market size for corporate wellness is expected to reach USD 84.9 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The […]